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    15/16th century

    No sickness worse than secret love
    It's long, alas, since I pondered that
    No more delay; I now confess
    my secret love, so slight and slim

    I gave a love that I can't conceal
    to her hooded hair, her shy intent
    her narrow brows, her blue-green eyes
    her even teeth and aspect soft

    I gave as well - and so declare-
    my soul's love to her soft throat
    her lovely voice, delicious lips
    snowy bosom, pointed breast

    And may not overlook, alas,
    my cloud-hid love for her body bright
    her trim straight foot, her slender sole,
    her languid laugh, her timid hand

    Allow there was never known before
    such a love as mine for her
    there lives not, never did, nor will,
    one who more gravely stole my love

    Do not torment me, lady
    Let our purposes agree
    You are my spouse on this Fair Plain
    so let us embrace

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