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    Dark Man

    The Dark Man or Far Dorocha is the chief agent in mortal abduction.

    He exclusively serves the fairy queen. At her command he brings in the tea tray or rides on his black horse to our realm to escort back mortals she desires.

    A perfect servant, he never betrays emotion nor wastes a movement. Direct from fairyland, back straight, face set and with never a glance about him, he rides until he finds the desired mortal. Although, he never speaks, all understand his request and, unable to disobey, surrender their wills to his and mount up behind him.

    Many have ridden with the dark man to fairyland; fewer have joined him on a homeward journey.

    Mortals who return and, despite warnings, disclose fairy secrets or boast of newly acquired powers will again encounter the dark. silent man. A fairy queen requires discretion from her former guests who, if they violate the terms of her hospitality, must suffer a reminder by her faithful servant. Quite efficiently he will remove the offender's eye and thus his fairy sight or with a touch withers the muscles of an arm or leg. The job completed, the dark man silently removes himself from his victim's presence.

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