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    The dullahan or Gan Ceann rides during the dead of night.

    The man is a headless horseman riding wild upon a headless horse; wherever he stops a mortal dies. His face is the color and texture of molding cheese; his head has a large mouth and huge eyes that dart around like flies. He holds his head firmly tucked beneath his arm. The head of the black horse has flaming eyes and short-cropped ears. The horse's head is longer than the body by six yards or more.

    This is the dullahan, a ghastly creature always ready to fling a bucket of blood at a healthy man's face. He will come to your door and if you open it a basin of blood is thrown at you, this is a death omen.

    In fear of the headless rider; men alone in the fields at night cower behind the bushes because of his reputation with a whip. With his whip he can accurately remove the eyes of all mortals foolish enough to spy on his ventures. Since he has no head, he is somewhat defective in seeing and the dullahan resents those with skilled vision.

    The dullahan has a number of cousins and heedlessness appears to be a family trait. Nothing puts fear into these creatures except gold. You can be saved by as little as the drop of a gold pin.

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