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    History of the Flags

    The Flag of the Republic of Ireland also known as the Irish tricolor, has been in use since the Easter Rising of 1916.

    The green band represents the Irish Catholics, and the orange band symbolizes the British Protestants. The white band stands for peace.

    NEW - sent by Stephen Daly.

    It was the flag of the United Irishmen who rose in rebellion against British rule in 1798. They had been aided by the French and partly by the Americans, both countries having shed monarchy in one way or another and adopted Republics. The flag is in fact based on the French Tricolor for that reason.

    Flag of Northern Ireland adopted in 1953, this flag is based on the English flag.

    The Red Cross represents Saint George, England's patron saint.

    The six pointed star is for the six counties of Northern Ireland, which officially shares the flag of the United Kingdom.

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