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    Spring/Religious Festivals
    Saint Patrick's Day

    Every year on March 17th, the Irish people honor their patron saint, Patrick, also known as Saint Pat or Paddy. His symbol is a shamrock, so the Irish wear shamrocks on his day.

    They are suppose to attend religious services and have community and family gatherings as well. Colorful parades pass through towns and cities led by brass and pipe bands.

    People celebrate this day all over the world with parades during the day and special dinners at night of corned beef and cabbage, traditional Irish fare. Other events are musical events and pilgrimages throughout Ireland.

    People wear green clothing, badges, buttons or ribbons on the day as this is the color associated with the Emerald Isle and the shamrock. This is known as the custom of wearing the green. It is also traditional to have a drink of Patrick's Pot (whiskey) on this day.

    Saint Patrick's Day celebrates the famous saint who legend is told drove all the snakes from Ireland.

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