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    To The Virgin Mary

    13th century

    Blue-eyed, gleaming, is your face,
    with dark-ridged eyes over it
    fair-branching, slender is your hand
    I owe a poem that does not lie

    Pure, wholesome, yellow hair,
    a vine of curls around your head
    round, thin-fingered, pure palm,
    O firm- well-shaped foot

    O curled, ridged yellow hair,
    Mary of slender brows
    give me no other judge
    but the welcome of your heart

    Let us feast to your shapely figure
    -swift, mighty - side by side
    Accept my best poems and songs
    bright-languid, noble, decorous one

    No woman but you in my home
    its mistress may you be
    False women and all the wealth I see
    none of mine will pay them heed

    Turn toward me your sole and palm
    and your brown hair in beauty,
    Your keen green young round eye
    -may I fall in feast on your moist locks!

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